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Application Guidelines

RetailDJ is searching for great looking Male and Female DJs with a fresh, clean & fashion forward look to represent fashion & corporate brands in markets across the US. Please give us as much information about yourself and highlight of your DJ career. Please be sure to include links to social media and online mix pages. Each application will be reviewed within 7 days of submittal by Casting Panel. All applicants will receive a reply email within 14 days of submittal.

Applicant Pre-Requisites:

  • Dynamic Male or Female DJ
  • Stylish & Fashion Forward
  • Ability to Command a Crowd on the Decks
  • Social Media Following
  • DJ Equipment
  • Dependable, Reliable, Amazing!

Photo Guidelines: IMPORTANT!

All photos submissions must be of professional or professional like quality. Applicants are judged on photo submissions and only photos meeting guidelines will be accepted.

See examples

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Dimensions: 5” X 7” / 1500 X 1200 pixels
File Size: Min. 800KB
File Type: JPEG